China is Largest Cigarettes Consumer in the World

Euromonitor International, the Global market research company, released this week its latest report on the tobacco industry worldwide. Tobacco industry is world’s most valuable rapidly moving consumer goods industry. Totalling globally US$800 More »

Alberta To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

In spite of anti-smoking policy that these days is into effect in Alberta that was introduced to protect young people from negative effects of smoking, tobacco use  is still the leading cause More »

Over 57,000 Ontario Young People Use Flavoured Tobacco Products

A recent study conducted in Canada showed that over 57,000 young people from Ontario used flavoured tobacco products in 2010-2011. This data made coalition of major Ontario health agencies call for a More »

Tobacco-Free Policy at EKU

Michael Benson, the president of Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) said recently that there was developed a tobacco-free policy that will be applied to campuses. He wants the policy to be implemented from More »

Cigarette Sales in Minnesota Dropped Due to Tax Increase

In Minnesota $1.60 per pack tax increase which came into action at July 1 resulted in cigarette sales drop. Minnesota Department of Revenue figures demonstrate that cigarette stamp sales dropped more than More »


Less Students Smoking in North Carolina

Woman with Cigarette

Health officials in North Carolina revealed that in 2013 smoking rates among public high school and middle school students was significantly reduced. However, they are worried that more students do experiment with other tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, hookah, pipe,

Illinois: No Smoking in Beer Gardens

Smoking in Patio

State of Illinois banned indoor smoking in 2008. This made bars across the state to search for a solution for patrons who smoke. When the ban came into action and visitors could not smoke inside bars and restaurants, the perfect

Smoke-Free Initiative in Mason City

Cigarette Butts

It is considered that the city of Mason, Iowa, has most beautiful parks in the state. The beauty of park in maintainted by the serious work of a huge team: workers of Parks and Recreation Board and numerous volunteers. The

Kokomo City Council Rejected Smoking Ban in Bars


Smokers in Kokomo city, Indiana, can still smoke their cigarettes in clubs and bars because the proposal to ban smoking in these establishments was rejected by City Coucil with the majority of votes. On Monday, after long debate, the ban

Youth Worried About Smoking in Movies

Smoking in Movie

In Canada’s city Ontario, in 2013 most box-office hits (86%) with smoking scenes were youth-rated (G, PG, 14A). This is an alarming data because numerous studies showed that when young people see smoking in movies they find it normal thing

Taiwan Plans To Introduce Tobacco Tests for Students


New Taipei City’s Education Bureau plans to buy 125 carbon monoxide test devices for private and public junior and senior-high schools in order to detect students who smoke cigarettes. According to the Bureau representatives, the measure is a part of

Ocean City Considers Smoking Ban on Beaches


Officials in Ocean City, Maryland, voted last week to a draft a law restricting smoking cigarettes on the beach and boardwalk starting from May 1, 2015. The ordinance passed with a 4-3 vote. Accrding to the proposed law, on the

Smoking in Movies and Kids

Smoking in Movies

There was made a research which found that watching on TV movies where actors do smoke is a factor which makes young people start smoking. From 2002 to 2013 there was increased number of smoke-free movies for youth (rated G,

Anti-Smoking Law in Lawrence is Ignored


Back in 2010 in city of Lawrence, Kansas, there was introduced a law banning smoking within 10 feet of the entrance to a public building. There was added a condition to the existing smoking ordinance, leaving it up to the

Mecklenburg County Considers New Smoking Ban


Government buildings in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, are smoke-free for years. Recently Health Director Marcus Plescia proposed to ban smoking outside all government buildings and in all county parks. The ban will include all kinds of tobacco: cigarettes, e-cigarettes and