Novelty from Reynolds American

In conditions when countries worldwide do adopt stricter smoking regulations, Big Tobacco tries to invent new products to make them safier in order to not lose its clients. Reynolds American made an More »

France Adopts Stricker Anti-Tobacco Laws

France, where not only famous worldwide Gauloises cigarettes brand was created but the word ”cigarettes” itself, now wants to introduce strictest anti-smoking laws in the world. Brand names along with bright colors More »

China is Largest Cigarettes Consumer in the World

Euromonitor International, the Global market research company, released this week its latest report on the tobacco industry worldwide. Tobacco industry is world’s most valuable rapidly moving consumer goods industry. Totalling globally US$800 More »

Alberta To Ban Menthol Cigarettes

In spite of anti-smoking policy that these days is into effect in Alberta that was introduced to protect young people from negative effects of smoking, tobacco use  is still the leading cause More »

Over 57,000 Ontario Young People Use Flavoured Tobacco Products

A recent study conducted in Canada showed that over 57,000 young people from Ontario used flavoured tobacco products in 2010-2011. This data made coalition of major Ontario health agencies call for a More »


New Orleans is Going Smoke-Free

Smoking Man

Smoking in casions and bars will no longer be allowed in New Orleans, the city where drinking alcohol and hassel on streets are a normal thing. Starting from April 21 in the city is in effect a new legislation which

No More Smoking in Bars in Sulphur City

Smoking in Bar

Smokers in the city of Sulphur, Louisiana, would have soon fewer spaces to light up as city authorities want to ban smoking in casions and bars. Resident Randy Hebert says that smokers do not have right to smoke but instead

Workers Banned from Smoking at Charlotte Douglas Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Starting from current week, people working at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, North Carolina state, will no longer be allowed to smoke cigarettes on the airport’s property, even in places where normally travelers can light up. Brent Cagle, aviation head, presented

25% of Young People in Canada Use Hookah

Woman Using Hookah

Researchers from Canada found in their latest study that in the country that smoking rates among youth are declining, but the number of young people who use water pipe and hookah is growing. The study was made by researchers from

Smoking Ban Ordinance Passed in Oceanside

Smoking on Patio

Oceanside City Council in the state of California approved new ordinance which bans smoking in outdoor eating areas of bars and restaurants. The smoke-free ordinance passed with 3-2 vote last week, on March 18. On public hearings held before the

Time Warner Cable Arena Goes Smoke-Free from March 18

Time Warner Cable Arena

Time Warner Cable Arena is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and here take place most important sporting and cultural events. The professional basketball team Charlotte Hornets says that use of tobacco products is going to be banned inside and ouside

High Smoking Rates Among Hotel Workers

Smoking Woman

A new research made by British Heart Foundation Scotland reveals that in Scotland over a third of people working in hotel and food industries were smokers. For the third time technology and science industries show the lowest smoking rates —

Parks to Become Smoke-Free in New Heaven, CT


Soon smokers in New Heaven, Connecticut, will not be allowed to light up their cigarette in Edgewood or East Shore Park and will have to move to other places to have their smoke break. Why? Because city’s Board of Alders

Hawaii to Raise Legal Smoking Age to 21


Soon it would be harder for young people to use electronic and regular tobacco cigarettes in Hawaii, because local lawmakers proposed to increase the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. Besides this, they want to prohibit smoking and vaping

Step Forward Towards a Smoke-Free Oceanside

Smoking Woman in Bar

Last week, on February 18, the city of Oceanside in California provided its city attorney with the instructions to draft a smoking ban on outdoor dining areas. With the move the city would join a number of other cities in