Anti-Tobacco Group Wants a Smoke-Free Campus


The students organization Hornets for a Healthy Hive was formed in September current year and it managed to achieve success in its goal to make Sacramento State the first California State University tobacco-free campus.

In the beginning it was only a project for a communication studies class, but with time it became a large campaign to protect student health.

It has attracted the attention of mass media including such important Sacramento news outlets as Fox 40, KCRA 3 and News 10.

The Campus Policy Tobacco Task Force was created by President Alexander Gonzalez, who reviewed the present smoking policy and sent its recommendation for changes over summer. However, to improve policy there was taken a little action. This made students create their own organization Hornets for a Healthy Hive to influence the situation. Thus they asked Gonzalez to sign a 100% tobacco-free policy to come into action by December 4.

Kerry Dorado, the representative for Hornets for a Healthy Hive, said during the organization’s first town hall meeting that took place on November 6., many members of the community managed to express their opinions.  The opinions of smokers and non-smokers were taken into consideration.

Business finance major Tony Le, who is a smoker, said that other students on campus should not be forced to inhale his secondhand smoke.

Also Kevin Wehr, sociology professor, said he signed the petition in order to create a tobacco-free campus because he is preoccupied with students’s health. He added that smokers may be against the restrictions, because they feel they are not harmful to people around them . But generally the toughter anti-smoking rules should be adopted.

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