Discussions about Smoking in Library of Congress


Workers of Library of Congress have few areas around the Madison Building for smoking during their breaks but the grounds might not be as butt-free as management once established.  The dispute about where smokers should be permitted to light up lasted more than a year and finally smokers won it.

The December 11 ruling says that the Library of Congress must continue to permit smoking in the northwest quadrant of the Madison plaza, adjacent to the Cannon House Office Building. Also it says that should be placed benches at the back corner of the building, near Second and C streets Southeast. so that rhe smokers could feel themselves comfortable

The discussion about smoking policy started current summer and centered on Madison Building, in which do work almost 2,375 people in comparison with the around 600 each at the nearby Adams and Jefferson buildings.

In 2005 indoor smoking lounges closed anf the policy permitted workers to light up under a big portico across the front of the Madison Building, but it was prohibited to smoke near the main entrance. Patio on the northwest side of the building was marked as “no smoking” area.

Intiatives proposed in June would have prohibited smoking on the grounds, except for in a small area at the southeast corner of the building.

Management that adopted the changes would present a better appearance to the public by packaging littering the area and reducing the amount of cigarette butts.

Seeing the issue as one of workers’ rights, leaders of the tseveral unions representing Library of Congress workers (including analysts, attorneys, librarians, technicians,  secretaries, clerks) sat down at the table for negotiations about smoking.

Saul Schniderman, president of the LOC Professional Guild, AFSCME 2910 said they all agreed to allow smoking on the portico, but the unions said it would be nice to leave the one corner for smoking.

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