Red Marlboro promoted by Toyota Supra in China

Toyota Supra Marlboro

A souped up and improved Toyota Supra can be observed in the big city of Dalian in Liaoning Province. The quick car is made even faster with a body system, racy low profile tires, seven spoke alloys, a crap load of stickers and Ferrari badges.

The front badge has the Marlboro sticker which is associated with popular Marlboro cigarettes, and more precisely Marlboro Red cigarettes.

Marlboro is manufactured by Philip Morris International, the leading international cigarette maker.

The Toyota Supra was speedier than any Ferrari in its days, one wonders why the owner of this car doesn’t have a Ferrari with Toyota badges, because that would make much more sense.

The Toyota MK IV Supra was produced from 1992 until 2002, and it was sadly also the last Supra. Power got their start in a 3 liter six-in-line, over the years power increased from 220hp to 320hp. The Supra was never formally released to China and is therefore a very unusual car too see. It was one other Supra in China earlier; a pimped racer back in August in Beijing.

This Supra stands on Toyo and Pirelli tires. Ride will be unpleasant.

Big single exhaust pipe perfectly built in the body. Huge wing was a must-have for the Supra in the 1990’s and offers the sportcar a real road presence.


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